The right source

Our team of experts will get you opportunities from the right sources, put them for you in a manner that you can easily follow.

Winning position

Not only will you be able to get opportrunities but track activities so that you can determing your winning possibility.

Compare opportunities

Because you will be able to track details of each tender you will be able to compare and choose what's best for you.

Premium services

You don't just "view" tenders but our smart system will give you a lot of add-on services that will allow you position yourself better .

AfroTender offers

What are the services that AfroTender offers?

We don't want to be long in listing all the services that AfroTender offers but here are some of the very basic services that are offered.

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Our Working process

A lengthy and complicated working process is broken in three main activities before we reach to you.

Get raw data

Get raw data

We get the opportunities from different partners and sources.

Process information

Process information

We process the information in a meaningful way that suits you best.

Deliver to your box

Deliver to your box

We arrange and deliver to your inbox all meaningful business information.

AfroTender services

You don't just read the business information and go away. You do have various related services available that you can make best use of. Some of the main ones are the following.

Business insights

There are various built-in tools that will give you business insights and competitive information.

Tender information

From our partners and other sources across the country and regions we provide extensive tender information.

Tender posting service

Tender posting comapnies get personalized access where they manage their account and post tenders.

Bid document sales

Our bid document sales and document download system will allow you pay for and download documents.

Responsive and dynamic

You don't have to choose a device type because our system responds to the device type and suits itself in.

Personalized settings

Everything in your account is made personal. Colors, business lines, categories to follow and others.

Affordable plans

AfroTender packages start as low as ETB 2,400 per year (VAT inclusive).



  • Access on all device types
  • Dashboard
  • Tender document access (for sale)
  • Access to all free tenders
  • Free tender filtering tools
  • Access to news portal
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Basic Level II


  • Access on all device types
  • Dashboard
  • Business contacts management
  • All (active) tenders access
  • Interest based tender access
  • Tender document access (All)
  • Category based tender access
  • Saving tenders on cloud
  • Closed tenders access
  • Unlimited interest category management (Add/Remove)
  • Vendor listing management
  • Directory listing option
  • Trends and analytical tools
  • Extensive reports viewing
  • Advanced tender filtering tools
  • Activity monitoring
  • Access to all free tenders
  • Access to news portal
  • Daily email alert
  • Weekly updates
  • Email and phone support
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  • Starting from ETB 6,000 / year
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We are trying to make you become competitive, get as much business opportunities as possible, study the market, compete and win.

That's the main reason as to why we don't just post tender information but post them in a way that is presentable, having analytical tools in every tender posted, make you follow each one in a way that suits you the best, using the various built in tools, above all we also provide other related business information to let you follow current business trends. That's why many posting prefer us and heavily rely on our system.

Posting company: encode

Posting company: encode

The easy and user friendly system allows posting companies manage their tenders and encode them to the system.

Posting company: arrange

Posting company: arrange

Once tender notices are encoded they are easlly arranged by the posting company with ease and at a click of a button.

Posting company: float

Posting company: float

The moment the posting company floats the encoded and arranged business opportunity it is immediately accessed by you.

Do you want some more?

Do more with less!

AfroTender is a team work enabled system that will allow you save tenders on cloud, and can be access by other teammates. Moreover, it will show you the viewed, not-viewed, saved, with documents, printed, and more. This way your team is in sync.

What do they say
about us

Many satisfied customers say a lot about us and testify how very helpful our system is to their business making them successful in the ever competitive market.

Addisalem Abebe

Addisalem Abebe

Ethio Telecom
Afro Procurement Solutions PLC has provided the service [bid annoucement service on AfroTender], within delivery period and as per quality requirement stated on the contract.
Kibrom Teumelessan

Kibrom Teumelessan

Kibco PLC
A very useful, user-friendly and highly complementary business service platform. Your system was part of our office moderanization process where we decided to take much of our information handling digital.
Mekete Shiferaw

Mekete Shiferaw

Innovative IT Consulting
A true source of business opportunities in the form of tenders and bids. Your service had proved to be the best and a service we can rely on.
Seblework Tajebe

Seblework Tajebe

Nol Inter Medical PLC
A friendly system well presented and easily managable but with a massive business importance. We can follow and track tenders information with fun.
Robel Lemmawessen

Robel Lemmawessen

SS Communications PLC
We are previllaged to get the services your company offers. We really appreciate the prompt support you give us whenever we needed. Keep up the good work and achieve the dreams you have.
Wondwossen Mengistu

Wondwossen Mengistu

Nicon PLC
Your service was an asset and added value to the services our company offers. We are grateful that we found you, were conviced to try and what we got out of your service was a lot more than what we expected.

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